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The Unique Way

Jan 6, 2023

The LIFE RESET is a 30 day program that you can do on your own (any time of the year), or with a friend or a group. Or holla atcha girl if you want some 1:1 coaching & support to personalize it around your unique goals & have some accountability along the way.


I’m stoked to start on Monday, January 9th & I’d love for you to join the party! 


The LIFE RESET pod will share the guidelines for:








I also discuss:

+ What you need for the LIFE RESET (spoiler alert: not much)

+ Creating your evolution goal & “word” for the experience 

+ A gamified system to get you there

+ The ingredients for building confidence

+ The power of small daily habits

+ Time optimization/integrity

+ The “friction” principle

+ Sample workout schedule

+ Anchoring practices

+ Crowding out

+ How to prepare

+ Helpful resources, products, tips, recs, etc..


It’s simple. It’s effective. Dare I even say it’s gonna be FUN?! 


I’ll be sharing & tracking my journey on Instagram (workouts, recipes, wellness practices, life hacks, supplements, motivation, etc.), & I’ll be saving it to a highlight so you can access it anytime of the year to get inspiration & ideas.


Please join along & DM me, tag me, share this episode with anyone who you think might be interested & feel free to ask any questions you may have.





Ep 80: Why I’m Embracing the Alcohol Free Lifestyle & Why Normal is Broken w/ Cortney Ostrosky


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