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The Unique Way

Nov 11, 2022

In this episode I’m joined by my very wise & beautiful friend, the one & only ~ Alyssa Kuzins! This is not an “interview” it’s more like two besties sitting together with a cup of tea, diving deep into a vortex of conversation & exploring what’s been on our hearts & minds.

If you’ve been following us on Instagram you might have noticed that we’ve been going to a nondenominational Christian church for the past month…& if you thought that seemed kinda out of left field, let me tell ya, we did too!

If you don’t already know us or our work, we are both very spiritual, wild & free, empowered, witchy women, which is why this decision might have some of you scratching your heads in wonder.

In this episode we discuss our why, our experience & we unpack a lot of questions, realizations & findings that we’ve had on our church-going journey.

Buckle up - it’s gonna be a wild ride!


Some topics of conversation in today’s episode:

  • Why we started going to Seacoast Church & what our experience has been

  • Our religious background growing up & why we left the church

  • Exploring “Church Hurt” & the dark side of church

  • Religion & spirituality

  • The power of being curious & living a spirit led life

  • The patriarchal nature of the Bible & church

  • Purpose vs. divine assignments

  • Why shaking your ass & going to church is not a contradiction

  • Sex 

  • The importance of getting uncomfortable, questioning our preconceived ideas/beliefs & we’re ASKING questions

  • Dropping the labels

  • Freedom & liberation

  • Living with faith & purpose

  • Making sovereign choices for yourself

  • Feeling nourished, inspired & fed by church

  • Why proselytizing is gross energy

  • Your purpose is to bring God into all of your assignments

  • and so much more!




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