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The Unique Way

Apr 9, 2021

I know the word manifestation has become trendy & is thrown around like confetti these days. In my opinion manifestation is not living in lala land expecting magical things to come your way.

Manifestation, in my opinion, is the process of being very intentional with your energy to call in your dreams. It’s intention paired with ACTION.

In this very special solo episode I share how I experienced a dark night of the soul, took a year to myself to heal, grow & uplevel & then called in my soulmate & now fiancé.

I share 6 simple steps that you can implement immediately to manifest the relationship, career, or fill-in-the-blank that your heart desires.

The manifestation work that I teach is not a quick, over night fix. It takes time, love, patience & divine trust. AND it’s so worth it. I’m living proof this stuff works.

The steps I share will support you in building confidence & self worth & in creating a life that feels aligned, inspired, spacious & powerful. Ready? Lezzzz go!

Topics of Discussion:

  • My dark night of the soul & “man cleanse”

  • 6 steps to manifesting the relationship, career or __________, that your heart desires

  • Journal prompts to get your creative juices flowing

  • The practice of visualization & the power of mirror neurons

  • Expanders, vision holders & mentors

  • Marie Kondo your LIFE

  • 4 ways to build confidence & self worth

  • Being unapologetic about what you want

  • The power of being single & taking time to be alone


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