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The Unique Way

Feb 18, 2022

Krista Ripma is a marketing coach, launch strategist and co founder of Authentic Audience, a full service digital marketing company dedicated to serving brands who foster the best in self care, self love, and self expression. Authentic Audience is the natural progression of Krista’s previous successes in building million-plus Instagram followings, tripling online awareness and engagement for her brands, and coaching hundreds of seasoned and novice business owners to find and speak their truth. Krista's promise is to cut through the noise and give you a radically honest approach to growing your business.


Topics of Discussion:


  • Angel cards

  • Witchy business

  • Business energetics

  • New paradigm of business

  • Embracing the feminine in business

  • The power of slowing down

  • Tapping into the spirit of your business

  • And so much more


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