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The Unique Way

Mar 5, 2021

In my mind Victoria Moran is one part rock star, one part fairy godmother & one part muse. She is one of the most interesting, beautiful, magnetic people I know which explains why she’s been on Oprah (twice!).

Victoria lives a life of purpose, she believes all life is sacred & is a voice for the animals. She’s written 13 books & produced a documentary. She’s also the director of the iconic Main Street Vegan Academy & hosts the MSVA podcast.

She discovered yoga in her teenage years & after 52 years of practice just completed her first official yoga teacher training at the age of 70. Victoria is a huge inspiration to me & I know you’re going to feel the same after listening to this episode.


Topics of Discussion:

Her first spiritual experience as a child

A synchronistic experience with the Beatles

How she discovered yoga at 17, has been practicing for 52 years & did her first official yoga teacher training at 70


Ayurveda “The Science of (long) Life”

A gentle approach to eating, living & detoxing

The importance of having a daily routine

and so much more!


Upcoming events with Victoria:

March 20th in NYC

Yoga Goes Vegan Gathering & Retreat

April 25th

Sunday Service “Church for Animals”

Compassion Consortium 


Contact Victoria:



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